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I'm Viola, an independent escort based in London, United Kingdom. I'd like to wish you a very warm welcome to my site. Very well educated, spoken and travelled, I'm truly a modern-day courtesan, and make the perfect executive companion, fitting comfortably into any social situation. I'm a totally independent elite escort, offering the very best in sensual companionship in London and East Wales.


1. My in-call location

I offer my in-call services in the heart of London - Covent Garden. I find this location has the advantage of being a bit more discreet, and private parking is always available. Plus my house is big and oh so spacious. I'm very happy here and can't imagine I'll move for quite some time.

2. No more worries about being too noisy

Perhaps the best thing about my current accommodation is how fantastically soundproof it is. After moving from one thin walled property to another in London, this is a godsend. I was forever asking clients to keep their voices low. After all, if I could hear my neighbours shagging I'm sure they could hear me! Now you can make as much noise as you like in the throres of passion. Best of all is spanking with no concerns at all. I have a real kink for spanking. It's wonderful to be able to indulge to my heart's desire with the only limiting factor being how hard the spankee can take it.

3. Attempting to improve my correspondence skills

I've been working on a somewhat part-time basis for quite a while now. I am starting to increase the number of bookings I take, but it's fair to say I picked up some bad habits when I was being offered far more work than I wanted. If you were being kind you may describe my communication as hit and miss at best. Absolutely disgraceful is a more accurate way of putting it. Well I'm trying my best to turn over a new leaf. It's simply not possible for me to answer every single call, but I will try to answer every text I receive from this day onwards. I will also endeavour to reply to every email which is serious and not crude.

4. My changing taste in lingerie

I've recently been upgrading my lingerie wardrobe and it's safe to say it's now worth considerably more than all the rest of my wardrobe put together. My taste is becoming more and more retro and I'm developing a fine collection of six strap suspender belts, corsets, waspies and the like. I'm even starting to buy different styles of briefs as my old favourite thongs no longer appeal to me as much. I've also moved on from shop-bought stockings and hold ups to specialist suppliers one can only find online (and perhaps in upmarket London department stores.)

My blog

My blog can now be accessed via this site's navigational menu. I've recently added it's own gallery page for quicker, more convenient viewing of all the photos exclusive to the blog. Also, I've just published my first new blog post in a hell of a long time